Audio Design

Game Design

Visual Programming


Ever since I was a kid, growing up in an audiophile home, I paid close attention to the sounds around me, analysing them, categorising them, identified their source.

I have had a huge interest in the mechanics and inner workings of games since I was very young, and have always felt a need to create, modify and change things up.

I have played music since before I could speak a single word, and as I grew, the world of computers, games, and the endless possibilities opened up before me.

Since then, I’ve attended education and courses to pursue my dream of merging my passion for sound with my geekdom for games, and let audio enter as a key component in development of future games in interactive media.


I work in a constantly growing enviroment of software, ranging from Ableton Live, over MAX/MSP/jitter to Unity.

I strive to better myself constantly, exploring new software or hardware and have a wide general knowledge of various technical stuff.

Check out my competences for individual software/hardware below.

    • Ableton Live is my main DAW, I have been using it for several years already, and I am constantly exploring new features or even creating them myself via max/msp and the Live API. I love the open workflow with a minimum of restrictions, always being able to do what I want, when I want it, and I often find myself exploring the outer perimeters of the software to be able to make new and technically exciting projects.

    Ableton Live

    • I strive to expand my skills in the never ending quest to reach a high level in max/MSP, Jitter and other related programs. Mostly I use max/MSP to create visual patches that generates unpredictable patterns or effects, often reacting realtime to an input whether it is audio, video, webcams or sensors.


    • Unity and MonoDevelop are my main software when it comes to making games or other interactive projects. Programming in C# makes me able to create things from scratch, or be able to manufacture a prototype to get my idea across to a group.


    • With a basic knowledge in C#, Im able to get my ideas across and understand the basics of codes.


    • Arduino gives me the possibilities to explore new areas of sound with projects varying from installations to controllers.


    • Following my interrest for technology and new inventions, I am a walking tech-pedia for gear and software.